As temperatures fall below zero, leaving the house becomes more and more of a burden. Any short spell of sunlight is a beacon of hope amidst this freezing start to 2017. For many of us, all we want to do is lock the front door and stay at home, away from the rain and the bitter cold.


What this bad weather does bring is additional time at home, but that's not everyone's cup of tea. So how can we remain productive and proactive during these long days stuck indoors? A rainy day may not be ideal for mowing a lawn or fixing a fence, but there are so many DIY jobs that can be done indoors. The winter weather provides the perfect opportunity to tick those tasks off the to-do list and revitalise your home.


From fixing door handles and window furniture to reassessing your kitchen space and cabinets, here are a few easy DIY errands to run while the sun is away.



Give Walls, Doors and Windows a Fresh Coat of Paint


Start by addressing the areas of your home that need a fresh coat of paint; a task the whole family can join in with if you’re all stuck inside. There is always a wall or window looking slightly worse for wear and a rainy day provides the perfect time to bring them up to scratch.


Retrieve any unfinished cans of paint you have stored away and use them anywhere they’re needed. Walls, windows and doors are common areas that need to be painted on a regular basis. If there is only a small amount of paint to work with, use it over stains, cracks and scratches. Get the family involved, get messy and get your home gleaming again!


Repair Faulty Door Handles and Locks


Faulty door handles and locks are a persistent household problem, yet it’s an issue that never seems to be resolved. We constantly put it off and make do with dodgy hardware — but a rainy day gives you the perfect opportunity to address every lingering problem. You can be sure that there are squeaky or loose door handles, hinges or locks that you can see to.


If you’ve left your door hardware for too long and your handles are getting rusty, loose and damaged, buy a door handle pack and give your door hardware a much-needed upgrade. If you can’t remember the last time you installed any new door handles or locks, it’s probably time for a change — and you’ll be surprised how much nicer a home feels without squeaky doors or tricky locks.


Caring for Your Windows and Window Furniture


Cleaning your windows on a regular basis is the key to longevity, keeping your home bright and stylish in the process. I’ve discussed some essential tips for window and window furniture maintenance previously, but the key steps to remember are clean, seal, repaint and polish.


After cleaning, make sure your windows are insulating your home effectively. You can replace rubber seals or insert canned spray foam around a window. Once they’ve been cleaned, painted and sealed, follow the same system as door handles and door hardware and give them a good polish.


Reshuffle Your Kitchen


A room that always needs some attention is the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home and where plenty of our hours in the house are spent — but it is also never quite as practical as we want it. A rainy day is a perfect occasion to have a kitchen reshuffle and give some serious thought to the organisation of your kitchen.


Make sure you are making the most of your space. Are the items you use most in the most accessible spots? Pull-out bins and carousel units can be real space-savers and improve the setup of your kitchen. Are there items taking up unnecessary space in your cupboards? Are there mugs that are very rarely used? Do you have an old pan at the back of the cupboard for no reason? Condense your clutter and give your kitchen some breathing space. Fix cupboard and cabinet handles. Bring your kitchen up to scratch, prioritise the essentials and work with the bare minimum.


There’s no doubt that rainy days can be miserable. They tend to put us in a serious grump, but one way of improving your mood is by improving your surroundings. A tidy home means a tidy mind and, when you’re stuck indoors, there's no better opportunity to get on with those lingering DIY jobs like fixing door handles, reviving windows and window furniture and decluttering your kitchen.


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