Whether it’s for 1st April or another time of year, try these tricks to turn your door handles into a great prank.


Door handles are a great way to prank people. With the right know-how, you can adjust your door handles to play a trick on just about anyone. Be sure to have the camera ready though, so you can watch the whole thing back!


These pranks are easy to set up, easy to pull off and essentially harmless. So start drawing up a list of who your victims are going to be and have a look and these great pranks for door handles.


Put Some Lotion on Your Door Handle


a man putting some lotion on a door handle


This trick is incredibly simple and incredibly funny to watch. Cover your door handle with lotion or cream and then watch as your victim tries to open the door.


It works much better on door knobs than on door handles (as you have to twist to open a door knob) and it works especially well on one of our mushroom mortice door knobs with a polished brass or polished chrome finish. The perfectly round shape of the mushroom mortice knob will make it harder to grasp than other door knobs if you’ve covered it in lotion. What’s more, the polished brass or polished chrome finish will make it extra slippery. Just make sure you clean all of the lotion off of the Door Handle afterwards to avoid damage to any lacquer that may have been applied!


The “Broken” Door Bell


a sign above a "broken" door bell


It’s amazing how obedient people are when they see signs. Maybe it’s because society is built on signs. If you see a sign that says “No Smoking”, then you put your cigarette away. If you see a sign that says “30”, then you slow your car down. And if you see a sign that says “Doorbell broken. Yell ‘Ding Dong!’ really loud”, then… Well…


You might be surprised at how many people end up taking your advice literally. Consider it a social experiment.


The World’s Loudest Door Bumper


an air horn behind a door handle


To stop your door handle from damaging your wall, some people use a door stop. These small rubber stops are placed on the wall to stop a door handle banging into it. This avoids damage as well as excess noise.


But what it you wanted to make noise? What if you wanted to punish people who burst into a room with something that’ll knock their socks off?


To create the world’s loudest door bumper, use some gaffer tape or duct tape to firmly stick an air horn to your wall. Make sure the air horn’s button aligns perfectly with the place where the door handle will swing. Then, whenever someone wants to burst into the room, they’ll find their entrance somewhat staggered by the loud honk of an air horn.


Perhaps that’ll teach them to knock first next time.


Attach a Party Popper to Your Door


a party popper attached to a door


Party poppers have something of a universal appeal; there’s something quite magical about watching them explode in slow motion. These little, handheld fireworks are the safest way to explode something in your own home — providing you take the proper precautions, of course.


Attaching them to your door is less of prank and more of a great way to start a surprise party. Either way, it’s great thing to startle someone with. Tape a party popper to the top of a door frame and tape the string to the door itself. When the door is opened, you get popping and a whole bunch of confetti.


Better yet, tape a whole bunch of party poppers to the door frame in the same way. Covering your victim, or the person you’re throwing a surprise party for, in confetti is a great photo opportunity and a great little memory, too.


For more inspiration for your pranking shenanigans, browse e-Hardware’s range of high-quality door handles. If you spend over £45, we’ll deliver for FREE.