If you’re selling your property, or just looking to improve its value, your home’s exterior is the first place you should assess. The walk up to the front door and how comfortable people feel approaching your home will immediately shape their first impression. If you’ve got a neglected door and entryway with rusty door furniture and overgrowing plants it’s quite obviously not going to have the most positive impact!


Imagine it like you would a job interview. Employers make their decisions on job applicants in the opening few minutes, judging initial contact and appearance. Homebuyers aren’t so different and won’t take long to think “this house looks the business”, or think “this place is going to need a lot of work.”


Your home’s kerb appeal, front door and general entryway are important components of your house that should be cared for and up to date, with an organised driveway and the latest door furniture. If everything on the outside of your home is picturesque and presentable, it's going to have a positive impact on the value of your home and impress any guests or potential homebuyers that enter. From door knobs and door knockers to driveways, here are a few steps on how to keep it all in tip-top condition!


An Inviting Entrance: Kerb Appeal and the Walk to Your Front Door

You need to make certain that the trip to your front door is as enjoyable as it can possibly be. This isn’t just for homebuyers, but for the convenience of you, your guests and just about anybody who enters your home. You and your family will exit and enter using your path or driveway every day, so ask yourself: is it as comfortable and convenient as possible?


Keep up to date on any plants or greenery that may be interfering with the path to your front door. Sweep any dirt from your path and clean it with a pressure washer. Garden walling may be a smart option if your path is on the same level as the rest of your garden. This will distinguish a direct route to your front door, making it clearer for anybody approaching.

Make sure you are doing your utmost to maintain your kerb appeal. Make the front of your home an organised and attractive sight by removing bins and keeping on top of overgrowing greenery. However, regardless of the space you have to work with, you should always be injecting some plant life into your entryway. This makes people feel like they are entering a property that is homely and cosy. Garden planters and window boxes are a particularly endearing touch to any home.


front door path garden


The Real Deal: Fresh Front Door and Door Furniture

Once you’ve walked up to your home, anybody entering is going to be staring your front door square in the face, perhaps waiting a few minutes and either in a state of comfort and admiration or slight unease. Showing that your home is the real deal means emphasising the beauty of your front door and its gleaming hardware.


If your door looks neglected, squeaks, doesn’t open or close properly, or hasn’t had a fresh coat of paint in years, it’s not going to be doing you any favours. There really isn’t a place that means so much to your home but, at the same time, can be given a surprisingly cheap makeover in only a few steps.


So, this means new paint; perhaps a new colour if it adds some much-needed vitality into the face of your home. But equally as important are your front door’s vital organs: the knocker, the door knob, the letterbox if you have one, and also those components that aren’t so visible, such as hinges and locks.


The door knocker, door knob and letterplates have the biggest impression on the appearance of your door. A new door knocker will give your door a priceless new presence if you consider your current knocker to be quite underwhelming. Something like an Antique Brass Door Knocker or Black Antique Lion Head Door Knocker will stand out from a door, drawing the eyes of onlookers to their quality and presence.


Letterplates can also be easily upgraded and home buyers will assess these little features to see how old a home is and which little things are working efficiently. Giving your front door a new letterplate, like the Georgian Letterplate in polished brass or a Pewter Letterplate, could just be the deal-clinching fresh feature of your home.


different types of letterplate from e-Hardware


Giving Your Door an Identity With Door Accessories

With a new door and pathway comes new responsibility! A home is inevitably going to be more attractive and more valuable when it has its own unique identity. Names and house numbers are an essential feature for any home that’s looking to up its charm. Your house’s number is often in the centre of the door, just below or above the door knocker, but it can also be found printed onto glass doors, on the wall of your house next to the door, or on your gateway if you have one. Some homes, however, don’t have any visible numbering at all. This can be a huge turn-off for potential buyers.


A home that is well numbered and sometimes even named will immediately be ingrained in people's memories as they enter. Letters and numerals are not expensive and are by no means a hard task to install on the front of your home, so there is no excuse not to be stating the number and/or name of your home with pride!


No. 19 letter numerals


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