Home is where you make it, someone once said, and how right they were. But more importantly, perhaps, the home is what you make it.


tape measure by William Warby on Flickr


On a daily basis, we meet people who are looking for ways to improve the look of their home — whether they live in their own house or rented accommodation. And why not? For the majority of people, their home is their safe haven. It’s where they sleep, eat, love and fight. In short, it’s where they live. So it’s only natural to constantly try out means and methods to make your house feel more like a home and make it perfect for you.


Home improvements needn’t be time-consuming or energy-sapping, either, so here are ten quick and easy DIY projects you can take on to upgrade your home in no time at all.


1. Paint Your Front Door


When renovating, a lot of people overlook the exterior of their homes, but improving your home’s curb appeal can work wonders for the overall look of your house. A very quick, simple, economic way of doing that is by adding a little something — in this case, colour — to your front door and welcoming your guests in style.


A dash of paint can also be a miraculous tool to enhance your old tiles. Simply scruff your tiles with sandpaper, apply two layers of adhesion primer, let it dry, then paint it in the colour of your choosing.


2. Change Your Door Handles


Now that you have painted your door, it makes sense to upgrade your door hardware, too - be it your front door handle or internal door handles. You can instantly add class, elegance and sophistication to your home by exchanging your plain and dated door knobs with antique, chrome, crystal or glass door knobs.


3. Repair Your Scuffed Linoleum Floors


An area of your home that suffers plenty of wear and tear is your flooring. While there are a number of commercial products you can use to counteract the scuff marks on your once-shiny linoleum floors, we have found that some home remedies, such as white toothpaste, are just as effective. Give it a go!


4. Stairway to Heaven


One of the most talked-about DIY trends we observe concerns staircases. Whether you decide to paint your stairs, paint your spindles or use a striped carpet for your stairs, there are endless ways to turn a simple stairway into an eye-catching feature.


5. Fix Your Squeaky Door Hinges


While squeaky hinges are ideal for alerting you of unwanted visitors, they are usually just annoying and irritating. Luckily, however, they are also easily taken care of. Simply spray some WD-40 or domestic oil onto the door hinges and ensure that they are lubricated properly.


6. Upgrade Your Wall


Upgrading your walls are the perfect way to add a modern and trendy touch to your rooms, but not everyone is a fan of the look of (or the effort that goes into) painted walls. For all those, wall decals are the solution, as these giant wall stickers are the ideal tool to add a little magic to your otherwise plain walls.


7. Clean Your Stained Tub


No matter how often and diligently you clean your bathtub, you can’t avoid stains on it. A great way to get rid of those stains is by using a paste made out of cream of tartar, baking soda and lemon juice to rub into the stain with a soft cloth. Let this sit for around an hour, then rinse it with water.


8. Install a New Faucet


A new faucet is sometimes all you need to transform your regular bathroom and give it a luxurious look. However, it is important to remember that your new faucet should match the style of your existing sink and the design of your bathroom.


9. Fix Your Peeling Wallpaper


Peeling Wallpaper is easily fixed by using a small knife to apply wallpaper paste onto the underside of the peeling section. Afterwards, press the wallpaper against the wall and remove any bubbles with a clean, soft cloth.


10. Stop Your Door from Slamming


Slamming doors are a regular feature in everyone’s home - especially when there are kids around. A quick and easy way to quieten those doors of yours is to use some stick-on felt pads that help protect your door’s surfaces.

Get your simple home renovation kick-started with e-Hardware’s door handles and door knobs for bathrooms, front doors or any room in your home. If you are looking for more ways to improve your home or have any queries relating to a DIY job, feel free to contact us anytime.

Image via William Warby / Filckr