Your front door is a barrier between you and the world. For most of us, there are no dragons, lions, or monsters on the other side. But what about when that is the case? Well, that makes your choice of door furniture all the more important! Check out some of E-Hardware’s favourite fictional doors and see if you can grab design inspiration from the mystical, magical world.


The TARDIS from Doctor Who


Doctor Who’s choice of door handles is hugely important. When you’re blasting through time and space, you don’t want your door knobs to be falling off, trapping you inside. Admittedly, it would be a nice and roomy place to be stuck, but that’s beside the point.


We’d probably choose a brass door handle for the Time Lord — something reliable which nicely complements that iconic blue door.


A Guide to the Most Fantastic Fictional Doors - e-Hardware


The Wardrobe from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe


It’s a lovely, rustic piece of furniture, so this famous wardrobe deserves door furniture of the highest standard. We’d opt for an antique brass door knob to enhance the period features. This sturdy choice would also prevent against accidental damage. You know how children can be… and lions.


221b Baker Street from Sherlock Holmes


We adored the books, we devoured the TV series, and we love the door. 221b Baker Street is home to one of the most famous doors in London, complete with gorgeous gold lettering. We’d hate to change anything on this iconic portal, but a new brass door knocker might be necessary at some point — it gets a lot of use, after all.


Bag End from The Hobbit


This is what we’re all after: a door that breaks the mould. Why go for rectangular when you can have a perfectly circular door? If the dragons come knocking, the unlucky hobbits might need some new door furniture. We’d suggest an antique brass door knob — and maybe some fireproof paint for the door, while we’re at it.


The Flowery Doorfrom Monsters, Inc.


This poor door really took a beating in Monsters, Inc. The paint job needs touching up after going through the shredder and we’re not entirely sure how the door knob managed to survive the ordeal. Just to be safe, we’d recommend replacing it with a top-quality mortice door knob.


Hodor’s Door fromGame of Thrones


Poor Hodor could have survived if his door had been properly locked. We’re not saying that our Bala door knob set would have prevented the White Walkers from getting in, but they may have helped.


Platform 9 ¾from Harry Potter


OK, so this isn’t technically a door, but a door handle built into the wall of Platform 9 ¾ could help confused Hogwarts freshers find their way. It’s hard enough starting a new school, let alone when you can’t find the magical portal to get there. We’d go for a stainless steel door handle to catch the eyes of lost students.


We’re sure that our recommendations would spruce up and increase the security of our favourite fictional doors. If you’re looking to freshen up a real life door, browse our huge door furniture collection and see if your entrance could be as swish as 221b Baker Street.



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