Door handle packs don’t make you fat and they don’t melt on hot days either…


Hello, it’s Nigel here.


As you can probably tell by the mountains of chocolate eggs in the supermarkets, Easter is coming up. This Easter, though, say no to the chocolate — give someone a door handle pack instead. They make much better Easter gifts!


1. Our Door Handle Packs Come With Everything You Need


When you buy an Easter egg, it often comes with a couple of supplementary chocolate bars or (if you’ve really splashed out) a mug with a chocolate brand on it.


Door handle packs are like that, but better. Rather than just buying a door handle, you get all the parts you need to redecorate your door in one style. So, as well as the door handle, our door handle packs include the latch or lock, the hinges and all the screws you’ll need to fit everything together.


We created our door handle packs because of the number of customers who would buy door handles from us, only to come back wanting the hinges and the latch as well. With a door handle pack, you don’t have to worry about searching for right parts to design your whole door; it’s all there and it all matches.


a door handle on a wooden door


2. Our Door Handle Packs Are More Varied Than Easter Eggs


Easter eggs come in just three types: dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. Our door handle packs, however, have a huge range of designs and functions…


Lever On Rose Door Handle Packs


For that minimalist look, nothing quite beats a lever on rose door handle. These sleek door handles are great for modern interior design.


Door Handles On Backplate Door Handle Packs


A door handle on a backplate can work for a variety of different styles. If you’re going for an art deco living room, try our art deco door handle pack. If you’re going for a Parisian style master bedroom, try our Paris door handle pack. Browse our range and get inspired!


Rustic Door Handle Packs


For your garden shed or for that classical look, our rustic door handles are just the ticket. All our rustic door handles are styled with a weather-beaten finish. They’re perfect for cottages or old homes where you want a door handle in keeping with a pre 20th Century-style design.


Rustic door handles


3. Our Door Handle Packs Have More Functions Than Easter Eggs


What can you do with an Easter egg? Well, you can eat it. Or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can melt the chocolate down, mix it with corn flakes, put a little chocolate egg on top, and viola! You’ve made yourself a cake… You can then eat that.


What can you do with our door handle packs? I’m glad you asked. Your can fit our door handle packs on your bathroom, on your garden shed, on your front door, on your back door, on your living room door, on your bedroom door… You get the idea.


4. And Finally… Door Handle Packs Don’t Make You Fat!


Well, they don’t! A door handle pack is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s something you install once and can keep for as long as you want.


An Easter egg is a one-way ticket to the gym. After months of trying to shed those Christmas pounds, after having done such a good job with your New Year’s resolutions, dozens of Easter eggs is the last thing that you or your loved one needs.


If you want to replace tonnes of chocolate with something a little more practical, browse e-Hardware’s egg-cellent range of door handle packs. We offer FREE delivery on all orders over £45 and a no-quibble 30-day returns policy.