Whether they’re the internal door handles of eccentric rooms or the external door handles of famous buildings, door furniture can be a weird and wonderful thing.


Nigel here, at e-Hardware, we love quirky door handles. Some are strange because of unique materials or because they’re clearly one of kind. Some are worth mentioning because of their cleverness, ingenuity, or (sometimes) because of their cheekiness.


Around the world, there are many bizarre and brilliant door handle designs, so here’s our pick of the best, with five eye-catching (even eye-raising) external or internal door handles.


1. The Bendo Internal Door Handles at the Burj Khalifa


The Burj Khalifa isn’t exactly famed for its subtlety. Being the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa attracts a lot of attention to itself due to more than its mammoth size. The building is luxurious in every possible respect — and nowhere is this more true than in its Armani hotel rooms.


With prices starting at £260 a night for a weekend break in June, it’s not exactly cheap. However, you wouldn’t expect it to be. Not when every aspect of the room has been designed by critically acclaimed architects and artists — and yes, this includes the door handle.


Door Handle from the Burj Khalifa Armani Rooms


2. H. Theophile’s Concealed Backplate Door Knob


From the extreme extravagance and wealth of the Burj Khalifa to a door knob famed for its powerful understatement.


Architectural Digest asked five world famous designers to pick their favourite door knobs, and Martin Finio from the Yale School of Architecture choose an extremely minimalist door knob with a concealed backplate. Looking like a prop from the Matrix, this internal door handle is a great way of bringing absolute calm and unity to an otherwise disordered room.


Designer Concealed Backplate Door Knob


3. 10 Downing Street’s Golden Door Knob


As we’ve previously mentioned, 10 Downing Street is probably one of the most famous doors of all time. Made out of reinforced steel ever since an IRA bombing, it’s been the home of all British Prime Ministers since King George II gave it to Robert Walpole in 1735.


For security reasons, the door only opens inwards and from the inside, which makes the ornate golden door knob right in the centre functionally useless — and you don’t get much more elaborate than the golden door knob of a world leader’s house with no function whatsoever.


100 Downing Street Door showing the door handle and knocker


4. e-Hardware’s Continental Designer Internal Door Handles Range


However, you don’t need to travel halfway around the world or spend hundreds of pounds to bring some wonderfully elaborate design into your own home. e-Hardware’s continental designer range of internal door handles can bring a touch of Italian modernity to any home without the hefty price tag. The Aries, Hydra, and Pavo in particular have bold designs, but a subtle chrome finish.


Continental Door Handles


5. The World’s Largest Doors at the US Bank Stadium


The US is famous for having the world’s biggest everything. The world’s biggest ball of twine, the world’s biggest ball of paint, and the world’s biggest brick (to name but a few); the US loves making things big.


It’s no surprise, then, to discover that the world’s biggest door is also in the United States. The US Bank Stadium’s doors are unfathomably huge and their door handles, in particular, deserve mention because they don’t really exist. The doors open via a control system.


US Bank Stadium front entrance and doors


Seeing as this control system operates the world’s largest doors, that would make these “door handles” the most elaborate and complex in the world. The hinges also deserve mention because of their ability to withstand the weight of the doors — which altogether weigh 40,000 tonnes.


For external and internal door handles, head over to e-Hardware. We don’t sell anything that’d help to open the world’s biggest doors, but we do offer FREE delivery on orders over £45.