Christmas is a jolly time of the year, but also a hectic one! Everything begins getting you in the mood weeks before even December has arrived. From television adverts to supermarkets and communal decorations, everything seems to encourage that festive cheer.


There is always, however, those few that absolutely deck their houses in decorations and, dare we say it, go a tad over the top. One of the nicest ways to celebrate the Christmas period is by decorating your front door for guests to see. There are a great variety of ways to decorate your door and front door furniture to encourage that Christmas spirit. Here, we’ve broken down five ways it can be done…



1. Can’t Go Wrong: Christmas Candy Cane


Fresh evergreen candy cane door charm


The candy cane, otherwise known as a peppermint stick, is synonymous with Christmas nowadays. It’s iconic red and white stripes are bound to cheer up any door and encourage the festive cheer!

The J shape of the candy cane is often affiliated with the shape of the shepherds’ staffs who visited Jesus. Though it has also been said that they take this shape because upside down, it represents the ‘J’ for Jesus. It’s not clear which is coincidence and which is truth but either way, the candy cane is a great feature for your front door. It flatters all of your door hardware and shows that you are a friendly household that embraces the Christmas spirit!



2. The Familiar Choice: The Christmas Wreath

A Christmas wreath is another wonderful decoration for your front door. Hang it from your door knocker or a central door knob and let it take centre stage of your door. Though red has become the predominant colour of Christmas, you don’t necessarily need to stick to the colours everybody else has gone for. The wreath in itself is decorative enough and you can choose the colour depending on your preferences and what goes with your door and door furniture. A white and blue Christmas wreath, for example, as seen below, is a visually stunning addition to any front door!


Silver Christmas Wreath




3. The Natural Remedy: The Branch



The Christmas wreath is an attractive and popular decoration for front doors due to its natural appeal. It isn’t, however, the only decoration of this nature. A branch or bunch of leaves tied up can be just as effective as a wreath and is a little more original!


You can make a Christmas decoration yourself in no time at all by wrapping a few small branches from your Christmas tree in a red ribbon and hanging them from your door furniture. This provides an excellent fusion of colours and a wonderful mix of natural beauty and inventive decoration. If you’re really up for some arts and crafts, you can spray a branch in a colour of your choosing and hang some baubles or other decorations from it!


branch door Christmas decoration

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4. DIY Decoration: Hanging Pine Cones


Yet another decoration that you can make yourself using natural materials is some hanging pine cones. Just find a cluster of well-sized pine cones, tie each one up at one end with your favourite Christmas ribbons or laces, and then hang them from your door knocker or door knob.



Hanging Pine Cones


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5. The Christmas Enthusiast: An Outside Tree


If you and your family are really big on celebrating Christmas in style, there is always the option of placing an outside tree next to your front door. You can either hang any spare decorations from it or leave it completely untrimmed and unattended for a fresh, cut-down look to your entryway.


Christmas tree

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How is your front door looking this Christmas? If you think it may be due an upgrade in time for Christmas day and the new year have a browse through our many different choices of front door furniture. We’ve got all the door hardware you could need, from wonderful door knockers to shiny new door knobs and locks so that you can be proud of your front door this Christmas.