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I thought this time around I would fill you all in on some of our favourite door and handle combinations here at E-Hardware. We covered a bit of door history in my blog post Doors and Door Handles Through Time: From Old To New recently. I discussed the beauty of different doors and door hardware from the Georgian period through to the Edwardian period, and it got me thinking about writing a post on our favourite door and door hardware combinations!

Remember that door handles, knockers and all door hardware are always as important as the door itself. These are like the jewels in the crown; they can stand out beautifully and make your door glint. Without them, the crown is plain, but with them it is magnificent.


There is a great variety or doors and door hardware out there, in all different shapes, sizes, colours and materials, so what goes with what? Your front door is key to creating the best first impression of your house and it’s important that you’re both happy and proud with your front door and it’s appearence. So here are a few of our favourite combinations that won’t ever let you down...



Chrome or Satin Door Hardware on a Pitch Black Door



Satin Door Hardware on a Pitch Black Door



I like to think that it’s not just it’s the residents that make Number 10, Downing Street such a world famous door — although it does help! There is an undeniable, majestic appearance in the combination of black door and shiney door hardware. It is a quietly confident door that radiates stability. A black painted door is minimalistic but strong. It takes a back seat and lets any shiney metallic door hardware do the talking. Satin or Chrome door hardware stands out, giving it a striking, classical look. With well cared for door furniture like this is guaranteed to impress. Keep it well maintained so that it lets your front door gleam against the black.


chrome door hardware














A Small Urn Door Knocker and Centre Door Knob in polished or satin chrome are two beautiful pieces of door hardware that take centre stage on an all-black door and they’re also hygienic!


Black Antique Door Hardware against Bright Colours


Black Antique Door Hardware against Bright Colours


A black door too bland for you? Another favourite of ours is black antique hardware on brightly coloured doors. Bright doors aren’t for everybody, but they do undoubtedly stand out and make a statement. Bright doors really took off in the Edwardian period and there are some beautiful examples in cities all over the United Kingdom. Whether it is yellow, red, or another powerful colour, the contrast between the cheerful bright door and the dark door furniture compliment each other wonderfully.


The black antique door hardware helps control the liveliness of the door and looks especially good against a bright shade of yellow, as seen above. This sort of door hardware also doesn’t need any maintenance, as with brass, and will forever look sturdy and stable.


black antique door hardware




You can see in the images above of a Black Antique Ring Shaped Door Knocker and Black Antique Centre Front Doorknob the stand-out quality that they bring to a front door, and the beauty they bring to a brighter background.


Bronze Door Hardware and Pastel Shades



Bronze Door Hardware and Pastel Shades



Bronze Door Hardware on red/orange pastel door



A door coated in a pastel colour that highlights the door’s wooden grain is an effect I have always admired and, if done correctly, nothing is more unique and majestic than elaborate bronze hardware against pastel coloured doors. Pastel blues or the pastel shades of green and red, as seen in the images above, look wonderful behind antique bronze door hardware.


Bronze hardware is a wonderful fusion of the bronze and black hardware seen in the latter two. It adds a nice amount of colour but isn’t too shiny, nor too dark. It is a bold, modest shade that looks classy and confident.


Pewter Door Hardware and Varnished Wood



Pewter Door Hardware and Varnished Wood



Varnished wood and pewter door furniture is a timeless combination that I absolutely love. The highlighted grain of the varnished wood injects character and authenticity and, alongside dark grey pewter door hardware, the colours combine fantastically. A Pewter Turnberry Door Handle, for example, injects a particularly antique, medieval look into your door. It can be used for the front door or internal doors to equal effect. It is a combination that gives your home an authentic feel.


antique bronze door hardware




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