Choosing a new colour for your front door is no easy task — or at least it shouldn’t be. Whether you have inherited it from a previous owner or just fancy a change, the colour we choose for our front door says a lot about our personality, so it’s a decision that should not be made without due care and attention.


It takes time to find the right colour and be convinced that it’s one you will be fond of for years to come. Let’s assess some popular front door colour choices, the impressions they make, and any symbolism that exists behind specific colours.


Colour Meanings and Impressions


Throughout history, colours have been associated with various myths and meanings, making them consequently favoured or avoided. Be it the rarity of the colour purple that made it such a royal colour in ancient history, or the Biblical belief that a red door representing the colour of blood protected inhabitants from the angel of death, there is certainly no shortage of symbolism found in colour. Some of these beliefs are still prevalent today. Many churches, for example, still paint their doors red to symbolise protection.


As for your own front door, there is now a near-endless selection of colours to choose from, each with their own charm and character. So, which should you consider when painting your front door and what do they say about your home?


Painting Your Front Door Red


Red is a colour steeped in long-standing symbolism. It is the colour of blood, fire, anger, and passion, but also romance and desire. You can see why it has always been such an emotionally intense colour!


Red is a very popular front door colour, though — and with good reason. It often sticks out from the rest of the house’s exterior, making a home more noticeable. It can also give the impression that your home is full of energy and excitement.


In Feng Shui, a red door means “welcome” and is believed to create a positive energy flow. It is also the Chinese colour of luck and happiness. As long as the rest of your home isn’t too bright and ostentatious, a controlled amount of red can be effective — but not too much. If the rest of your exterior displays relatively neutral colours, a red door brilliantly stands out, loud and proud.


A personal favourite combination of ours is a red door combined with bronze or brass antique door furniture. The golden door hardware against a powerful red gives off an elegant and confident impression, don’t you think?



red door with brass door furniture'


Painting Your Front Door Black


Now, let’s head to the opposite end of the spectrum. While red is loud and energetic, black has a quite contrasting impression. Black has long been associated with intelligence, sophistication, and authority. Just look at some of the most famous front doors in the world, like 10 Downing Street or even 221b Baker Street! There is a reason the Prime Minister's door has always been a shiny black with controlled brass door hardware; it projects strength and intelligence, but in a calm and subdued manner.


Black doors are much more reserved than doors displaying red or other bright colours. Black doesn’t give so much away. It’s a serious colour, inhabited by a significant individual.


Make sure to not have dark door hardware as your entire door becomes far too bleak and gloomy, making it a very unwelcoming entryway. A bright bronze or brass door knocker like an Antique Brass Urn door knocker or a Diplomat door knocker adds a lovely touch that brings life to a door, making it authoritative but also welcoming.


black door with stainless door knocker


Painting Your Front Door Blue


Blue is another very popular colour for front doors. It isn’t as bright as red, but isn’t as plain and reserved as black. Of course, there are plenty of different shades of blue to choose from, but the majority give off a modest and tranquil impression.


Blue is a colour commonly seen as the most calming colour of all. It is a colour that helps reduce blood pressure and heart rate, consequently helping you feel more relaxed and get better sleep — hence why bedrooms and children’s rooms are often painted blue.


It is also a colour synonymous with the sky and the sea. For many, when they see blue, they see a place of refuge. A lighter blue often symbolises somebody who likes a beachy and natural feel, It’s a peaceful colour that represents truth and honesty. A darker shade of blue can give the impression that somebody is well grounded, but it’s a less peaceful colour. Going too close to black can make for a door that’s too dark and unwelcoming.


blue door with bronze door furniture


Painting Your Front Door Green


Green is a beautiful colour that brings life and energy to your door. Green has always been associated with health and harmony. It is the colour of nature, so it can make a home appear more natural and organic, while also conveying reliability and trust.


Green is also perhaps the most youthful colour around. It is a sign of health and new beginnings. Painting your door green is a brilliant sign of starting afresh; it injects the right amount of life into your exterior and sets you on your way to deciding you’re going to make your entire home something you can be proud of.

A Forest Green door with stainless steel or chrome door hardware is another favourite of mine. The green is controlled and soothing, while the silver door hardware glints like the jewels in a crown against a beautiful Forest Green shade.


green door with stainless steel door furniture


Painting Your Front Door Purple


Purple is a colour that definitely deserves a special mention. It is a colour steeped in history and mythology, supposedly discovered after Heracles’ dog bit into a murex shell and his mouth turned a stunning purple. For much of antiquity, it was a colour that was slow and costly to produce. 250,000 shellfish were needed to produce an ounce of purple dye, making it very hard to get hold of. Consequently, it became a colour reserved for royalty and wealth.


Though you don’t need 250,000 shellfish to make it today, purple is still a colour that connotes wealth and nobility. A light purple is clean and spiritual, while a dark purple is somewhat mysterious and wise. It is an interesting colour with an incredible history. A purple front door gives off the impression that you are adventurous and exciting.


purple door with bronze door furniture



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