DIY has become one of the key It phenomena in the past years, which I personally am very pleased about - being a keen DIYer myself. The benefits of doing-it-yourself are undeniable. You gain experience, you don’t have to deal with contractors, you improve your skills, and most importantly, you save money if you do it right. While it is not necessarily advisable to knock down your walls and build a new window where there was none, menial jobs such as taking care of squeaky floors and door hinges, scuffed parquet floors, or changing your door locks don’t require much skill.


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Whether you want to change the type of your door lock, whether your door won’t shut properly anymore, or whether you simply fancy a new design for your door handle, installing a new door lock doesn’t have to be a daunting task.


Here are a few tips and tricks to guide you from the removal of your door locks to the installation of the new ones.


Remove Your Old Door Lock


You will need a screwdriver to do this.


Step 1:

Open the door and wedge it open so that you have access to both the narrow edge and both sides of the door.


Step 2:

Undo the Screws that attach the door handles or knobs to the door and remove them fully so that you can see the square hole where the door handles go through.


Step 3:

On the narrow edge of the door, undo the two screws that hold the faceplate of the lock onto the door. (The narrow metal plate of the lock that is shown when the door is open).


Step 4:

On either side of the door, put the screwdriver through the square hole of the lock (which should now be showing if you have removed the door handles or knobs).


Step 5:

Once the screwdriver is through the square hole of the lock, hold it at both ends and pull it towards the edge of the door.

Step 6:

The lock will now come forward. Remove it from by pulling it out from the narrow edge with your fingers.


Step 7:

Measure the lock case and forend and make sure your new lock is the same size - most importantly make sure the hole where the door handle or door knob spindle goes through is the same distance away from the edge of the lock and the old lock.


Install The New Door Lock


Step 1:

Assuming you have brought a lock that is the same size as your old one, begin the installation by putting the new lock into the existing hole in your door. Depending on the new lock, you might find that you have to modify your door by chiselling out any recesses to ensure that your new lock will fit in perfectly as some lock designs change over the years.


Step 2:

Once your lock has been inserted, you will need to screw the forend of the lock to the edge of the door. This will hold the lock in position. Make sure the lock is in the correct position before you tighten the screws.


Step 3:

Once the lock has been secured, you will need to screw the door handles or door knobs back onto the door ensuring you use the bolt through fixings and grub screws. Before tightening all the remaining screws and calling your DIY project a success, make sure to test the performance of your new door lock and handles. And don’t forget to do this with your doors open, as the last thing you want to do is to lock yourself out.

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