Our homes will usually contain our most treasured and expensive possessions, which means it can often be the target of burglars. However, it is not just material items that you lose when burglars enter your home.

Your home is the place you spend most of your time and the place you return to each day to relax and rejuvenate. It needs to be a place where our worries are limited, but after a burglary, you lose your sense of comfort. You need to be on top of your home’s security for both peace of mind and protection of your belongings.

Sometimes, adding extra home security can feel like it’s going to cost you a large chunk of your money, but it can actually be done fairly cheaply with a few simple and effective tricks. It’s important to make sure you’ve covered all angles properly for maximum reassurance.

From alarms to padlocks, here are a few pointers to help you improve your home’s security quickly and cost-effectively.




burglar attempting to open a locked door




Keep Those Doors and Windows Up to Date

Your doors and windows are the ways in which burglars most easily gain access to your home. Windows especially are a frequent entry point for burglars and, as some of us don’t realise, a potential access point in our homes. Burglars often assess a house and its weak points before planning how to break in. This means that doors and windows should be kept up to date with high-quality door and window furniture and equipped with proper latches and locks.


Double glazing is a great home improvement solution that improves the security of your house, as well as its value and eco-friendly appeal. However, just some simple window locks will put a burglar off. Smashing a window is never an enticing prospect and only a last resort for a burglar if they are absolutely certain nobody is in. An unlocked window, or a window that can be prised open easily, makes it a target at all times of the day. Make sure your downstairs windows have locks on, preferably along with any others that can be easily accessed by climbing onto something that would grant a person reach.



Visible Security: Alarms and Tricks

Security alarms are, of course, an absolute must for effective home security. To be extra burglar-proof, make sure your alarm is visible on your home’s exterior. Security alarms don’t just warn off thieves, but they actually grant you a discount on any home insurance deals you may have. There are a wide variety of security alarms and some very clever options on the market that can be utilised all over your home, with infrared and sensory features. Do your research and choose the right one for you and your home, but make sure it’s durable and reliable. If a burglar knows his stuff, he will be put off by a good house alarm.


Other clever deterrents are things like ‘beware of the dog’ signs. Occasionally, burglars live nearby and may know the neighbourhood, but for random thieves, implying that you have a dog is going to put them off in a hurry.



Put Them in The Spotlight!

Noise and light are a burglar's two worst enemies and effective lighting can be as much of a deterrent as any of your options. Darkness is a thief’s friend, so lighting up your house is one of the most effective things you can do. However, in the interests of the planet and your energy bills, one of the best ways of going about this is with motion-activated lighting.


Have you ever walked past a house in the evening and suddenly a light turns on, flooding you with light and making you feel centre-stage? Now think about if you were, in fact, thinking of breaking into that property unnoticed. It’s not going to happen.


The light will immediately alarm anybody in the vicinity that there is motion around the house. Motion-activated lighting should be installed at the front and back of your house — and it is cheaper than you may think. For extra security, install path lighting or front door lighting that turns on at night and off in the morning.



Keep Your Outdoors Secure as well as Your Indoors

Thieves won’t always target your house to break in. If you’ve got a shed or a building detached from the rest of your house, you never know who may snoop around. Protect the rest of your property, no matter whether it’s a neglected shed or a well-kept summer house. Secure them with strong locks and padlocks so thieves know this is a place that won’t be accessed easily. Padlocks all-but guarantee security, so their contribution to your home’s security should not be ignored.


It is very easy to forget what sort of things you have in a shed, garage or summer house that are of value. You tend to keep things close to the heart of your home, but you’ll be surprised what burglars are prepared to take. Another concern is that tools and implements in the shed could be used by a burglar to gain access to your home. Padlock things like ladders and tools to something in your garden, so that only you and your family are able to use them when needed.


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