Is there such thing as too much when it comes to metal in interior design? Not if you do it right and not if you choose the right internal door handles.


Metal is a great way to give your home a sleek, modern feel. However, there is the worry that that’s the only thing it does and that too much of it can make your home feel like a warehouse or steel works. That’s the old way of looking at it. According to Lucy Denyer from the Telegraph, metal is “creeping into our homes in all guises and in all places, from wallpaper to flooring, appliances to furniture.”


That means metal internal door handles, metal tables, metal chairs, metal light fittings, metal decorations, and even metal panelled walls.


The modern home can contain metal in far more places than originally thought possible. Yet, there is still the possibility of making your living room look too much like a laboratory if metal is used incorrectly. To make sure this doesn’t happen, here are a few golden rules to follow when bringing metals into your interior design.


a interior view of a modern home


Start with internal door handles & Other Small Touches


The best thing to do is to start small. Fitting some internal door handles using an interior door handle pack is a great way of doing this. If you start your metal redesign of a room with a simple satin chrome interior door handle or a polished brass interior door handle, it’s easier to know where to go from there. This small touch will give you an idea of how much more metal you want to add to your room and what will work best overall.


Other small touches of metal are also a great place to start. According to interior designer Natalie Kraiem, small semi-permanent metal fixings are perfect for this because “they're easy to change out or move around the room to find the perfect balance.”


Be Consistent...


From websites to hardware to living rooms, consistency is absolutely key in design. Clashing a bright red carpet with a yellow and blue polka-dot curtain and striped orange-brown walls is enough to give someone a headache. Instead, it’s important to complement your colour or pattern scheme with everything in the room.


This is especially important when adding metal to a room. Brass, chrome, stainless steel and wrought iron are all wildly different types of metal and all of them give a room a different aura. Mixing them up looks confusing and messy, so stick with one and use it throughout the room.


…But Don’t Be Afraid to Mix It Up


While gold, silver, brass, and antique black metal in one room is a definite no, different silver-coloured finishes can complement each other well. Some polished silver table ornaments would work nicely with a polished chrome interior door handle. However, those same decorations would work equally well with other types of silver-coloured metal with other types of finish, such as a satin chrome interior door handle.


This same rule is true for gold-coloured metal, brass-coloured metal, darker-coloured metal, and interior design in general. There are some great effects which you can create in a room by sticking with the same colour but mixing up the finish. Using metal to achieve this same effect can look really impressive.


a luxury bathroom using gold metal door and bathroom furniture


Embrace The Versatility


Metal is often seen as cold and clinical, but get that idea out of your head and consider the wide range of feelings metal can bring to a room. Antique black has a classic feel; gold can give a pastel coloured room a cosy, sleepy, sepia-tinted feel; and silver can bring a feeling of breeziness, cleanliness, or calmness to a room. Finally, there’s brass, which can create a whole manner of feelings depending on how it’s used.


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