Renovating your home is a great way to take care of your house and keep it looking fresh and appealing. A big renovation project, however, is only a small aspect of home maintenance. Keeping your house in top shape is a full-time job that starts the moment you buy your house.



One particular thing we at e-Hardware get asked about frequently are door handles and how to best take care of them. Maintaining this area of your home can benefit the first impressions and tactile quality of your home no end, so here are some key hardware maintenance tips for your door handles and door knobs.

shiny stainless steel door handles




Brass-based Door Furniture



Whether we are talking about door handles or door knobs, brass-based products usually come with a hard, acrylic-lacquered surface that prevents the brass underneath from tarnishing. Despite the hard-wearing finish of the lacquer, the coating will eventually begin to crack and splinter at some point. be it due to high moisture or general wear and tear.


The best way to preserve the lacquer, therefore, is to clean it with a soft cloth, using a silicone cleaner (we have found that Mr Sheen carries excellent cleaning products). They are a great tool to prevent moisture getting in and tarnishing the brass underneath. If the lacquer has already started splintering, you will have to entirely remove it and paint the brass with a new coat of protective lacquer.



Stainless Steel



Despite what you might think, not all stainless steel is corrosion proof. It is only marine-quality stainless that is truly resistant to corrosion. So when it comes to your regular stainless steel hardware items, it is important that you clean them on a monthly basis with a silicone spray polish, using a soft cloth.



Polished Chrome / Satin Chrome / Antique brass



Internal door hardware products with a polished chrome, satin chrome, antique brass or most electroplated surfaces should be wiped every two or three months with a soft cloth. If they are used externally, as with the brass based door furniture they should be cleaned with a silicone cleaner like Mr Sheen every other week in order to prevent atmospheric conditions affecting the chrome or brass.



Black Antique



For black antique door handles, use silicone spray polish, which should be applied to your hardware on a regular basis with a cloth. Particular attention should be paid to the screws attached to the door handle, as screws in external and high-moisture areas tend to corrode  and rust rather quickly. You can counteract this by brushing the screw head with some black Hammerite.  



Door Hinges



While we have focused on door handles so far, other door hardware items such as door hinges also need regular care and protection. Usually, a quick wipe with some silicone spray and a cloth, along with a light oiling between the joints, will suffice.


If your hinges, however, have a bearing surface, they will need some extra attention. The hinges themselves need to be wiped with an oily cloth on a regular basis, and the bearings should be lubricated once a year, using a 3-IN-ONE oil.



Sash Locks, Dead Locks and Rim Locks



When you are dealing with either sash locks, dead locks or rim locks, take care to treat the internal mechanism with oil every six months. Do not, however, oil cylinder type locks, such as yale and euro profile locks, as this will result in the pins jamming and the keep the lock from rotating.

The team at e-Hardware are as experienced as they come with maintaining the quality and longevity of door handles, door knobs and hinges. Should you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us.