The turn of the year is a time for change. It’s the chance to start off the new year from scratch, improve your lifestyle and redefine yourself and your surroundings. However, only 8% of people actually stick to their New Year’s resolutions.


One resolution that is practical and achievable is household improvement. We can all give our home some new year care and attention whether it’s upgrading your front door and front door furniture or completely renovating your kitchen. The best part is that this isn’t a New Year’s resolution that you have to spend the rest of the 364 days persevering with.


From looking after your front door furniture and windows to decluttering and sustainable living, here are a few tips to help you improve your home in 2017…


Doors of the Home and Your Front Door Furniture


Boosting your front door furniture and entryway is a wonderful and easy home improvement idea that will give your home a brand new look for the new year. Even if it’s just a small portion of your house, the front door is without a doubt one of the most important parts of a home. Of all the home improvements you can do, a bright new front door adorned with shiny new front door furniture shows you are set to tackle 2017 head onGive your door a new coat of paint and even invest in some new door hardware, like door knockers, door numerals and letterplates, if you really want to see improvement.


If your front door — or any other door in the house for that matter — has any faulty door hardware, they can easily and cheaply be replaced, so much so you will be wondering why you didn’t do it ages ago. Not only will you feel like you have been productive but you don’t want to be heading into 2017 with things that are going to be irritating you like dodgy door handles (eg: drooping door handles with worn out springs, door handles with warn lacquer making them look tired, door handles that have worked loose over the years) or screechy door hinges.


A new front door boosts your curb appeal. A new colour or a fresh coat of paint and new door hardware will cheer your home up and reinvigorate your exterior.


wooden front door with black iron door furniture


Kitchen Improvement: Cupboard Handles and Space-Saving Gadgets


Kitchens can be a particularly stressful area of the home and one of the hardest to maintain. This may be because they are the most frequently used room in the home, where the majority of our waking hours are spent, but also where most activities and preparation takes place.


Decluttering and sorting out your kitchen space can really improve your general happiness and hygiene. Small investments like installing pull-out bins, appliance garages and carousel units free up a surprising amount of space and keep your kitchen looking organised and clean. They remove unnecessary obstacles while also improving general hygiene and the practicality of your kitchen.

Looking into why the kitchen is a stressful area may help you improve your 2017 attitude and routine. Make a note of problem areas that you find irritating or annoyed with and aim to solve them by re-organising the space or perhaps fixing broken or worn elements. Fixing new cupboard door handles and replacing hinges, for example. Install floating shelves on the wall if needed and think about moving seasonal items elsewhere to free up space and keep your kitchen clutter free.


Windows: Light, Heat and Window Furniture


Windows are an essential component of the home and a necessary area of improvement for the new year. Windows are tasked with the job of letting light in, but they also play an enormous role in insulating your home. So to reduce your energy bills and build towards a sustainable future, you should spend some time considering if your windows are fully up to date and doing an adequate job. Are they effectively letting the most light possible into your rooms, or are you turning lights on in rooms during the day? If your windows aren’t illuminating a room during daylight hours, think about how you can best allow them to. This may mean moving your room around, investing in new blinds or curtains, or changing the windows themselves.


You also need to consider if your windows are effectively insulating your rooms. If they are letting warm air out and cold air in through unprotected gaps, you may want to look at other types of windows like double glazing, or investing in draught excluders.


Finally, as with the doors of your home, make your windows stand out and upgrade any faulty hardware with brand new window furniture. Most of us can give our windows a little boost and upgrading window furniture and accessories is another easy and cheap job for 2017.


windows looking out on trees


Decor: Cushions, Curtains and Duvets


Spice up your home with new decor. This isn’t a heavy investment but if you’re not entirely happy with the colours or fabrics in your home, this is a home improvement idea that takes little time or money to pull off. Buy some colour-coordinated cushions for the living room and bedroom. Again, think about your curtains. Curtains play an important role in controlling a room's temperature, but they also heavily influence the feel of a room. They are an excuse to inject a splash of colour and can look majestic — as long as they aren’t overpowering. An old or unpleasantly coloured pair of curtains, on the other hand, can look unclean and dull.


Go Sustainable


2017 is going to be a year that sees sustainable living flourish further. Effectively insulating your doors and windows will bring your energy bills down, but look into all areas of the home. If you’ve had a loft conversion, for example, insulating your loft is a necessity. Heat rises and with proper insulation, your loft could become one of the most treasured rooms in the home, as opposed to one of the most deserted.


Some sustainable home improvements are easy. Changing bulbs to LED or CFL is cost-effective as well as energy-saving. They use 80% less energy than normal bulbs and last longer. If you don’t believe it, give it a trial run and see for yourself. Bulbs are not an expensive outlay, but they save energy and money in the long run, so there is no excuse not to seriously consider it.


Finally, if you’re serious about sustainable living, you may want to consider installing solar panels in 2017. Solar panels are getting cheaper by the year and, with the option of selling the electricity that you make back to the grid, the cost-effectiveness and eco-friendly factors of solar panelling are simply indisputable.


solar panels on the roof of a house


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