Our homes are central to our lives. They’re just about the most important material possession we own and, without a doubt, where we feel most comfortable and act ourselves. We walk out of the front door and into the world before returning to our home at night, almost every single day. It is where we sleep, eat, relax and socialise. Homes are our safe havens; the place we feel most calm and at ease.


For all these reasons and more, home safety is essential. Without a secure home, you cannot feel completely assured and, therefore, not completely comfortable either. Security helps us to feel relaxed and makes a home the inviting safe haven that we look forward to going to bed in each night. Security and comfort are essential aspects of life and without an adequately secure home, we cannot properly wind down after a day's work.


Here are a few security issues that dictate if a home really feels homely and, more importantly, what you can do about them...


a large safe door


Spare Keys by the Front Door are a Recipe for Disaster


Hiding your key may seem like a secret to you. Everybody thinks they’re being smart when they hide a key in a really secret place, but recently, keys left under the mat or around the front door have been blamed for a rise in burglariesDon’t do it. It plays on your mind and isn’t good for your stress levels. Have you ever heard of Murphy’s Law? Sometimes, what can go wrong, will go wrong!


Coded key vaults and secure key storage boxes like the Abus 787 Key Garage are the way forward. Even estate agents now frequently use coded key vaults. They’re practical and secure in equal measure. A small weatherproof box that is just about impossible for intruders to open makes for a great place to store a key. It doesn’t have to be in plain sight; it can be a small box attached to a wall in your back garden, or somewhere not visible in your front garden - perhaps hidden behind a shrub or bush.


If you’re suspicious of burglars finding this and trying to smash it open, the only way is with rare specialist equipment which they most likely won’t have. Even so, you can also discuss swapping key vaults with a neighbour so that you can get yours with ease if needed, as can they. This is a far more reassuring option than placing a key somewhere around your home, but equally as accessible.


Reliable Locks: Make Sure Doors and Windows Shut Tightly


One of the things that can affect your relaxation at home the most is doors and windows that don’t close properly or have dysfunctional door or window hardware. A faulty door or window isn’t just a nuisance for you and your family; it is exactly what potential burglars are interested in if they are located externally. Fixing or replacing a creaky door, broken door handle or defective door lock may seem like a trivial and time-consuming task, but it’s actually the complete opposite.


Doors and windows are fixed with ease and at little cost. Sure, you may have to unscrew a door to change the hinges, but that is not usually necessary and is still a small task for security and comfort. Most door and window furniture can be replaced in minutes. A new lock or latch may be the difference between somebody gaining access to your home and somebody avoiding it. The front door is the most popular point of entry for burglars, followed by your windows. Think about updating your regular lock for an Era High-Security Night LatchInsurance Approved 5 Lever BS3621 Sash Lock or install an extra lock for times you will be out of the house for a longer period than usual.


Padlocks: Strength and Security Epitomised


All around our home, we have items that we are worried about losing or being stolen, but it is the outside of the home that is of most threat. You may think nobody is going to snoop around your shed or around the sides of your house, but you’ll be regretting your lack of action when something goes missing.


Nothing says security quite like a padlock. Padlocks have been used for centuries due to their reliability and density. There are few things that are as reassuring than putting a high-quality padlock on something to make sure absolutely nothing is interfering with your possessions. Investing in some padlocks will make you feel far more at ease. A very good type of padlock security comes in the form of a Discus padlock combined with a Discus Hasp and Staple. The two combined prevent ‘Shackle Attack’ and any kind of interference with the fitting of the padlock.


If you have multiple outbuildings we have a range of Keyed Alike padlocks allowing you to have one key for multiple padlocks taking away the risk of misplacing several keys or having to carry them around with you. If somebody is going to try and gain access to something with a high-security padlock, you can bet your bottom dollar they are going to be there for a long time and making a lot of noise and thereby making them much easier to detect. This often means that anything with a padlock, mainly high-security padlocks and hasps and staples are simply avoided by burglars.


This doesn’t just mean padlocking your shed or any outdoor areas. Look to put things of value inside the home behind a padlock — a box of jewellery, for example. A small padlock is resilient and reassuring for you, especially if you will be out of your home for a long period of time.


abus padlock with a key in it lying on chains


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