According to one study, privacy is vital for the happiness of the “extremely intelligent”. That’s another reason to buy sash locks, then.


Hi, Nigel here. Did you know that sash locks can make you happier?


A collaborative study from the University of Singapore and the London School of Economics has found that for “extremely intelligent” people, time spent alone helps to increase their “life satisfaction”. In other words, very, very smart people like locks on their doors.


The reason for this, so the two scientists claim, is that smarter people have evolved to need social interactions less than the average person. Still, what about those of us who aren’t complete geniuses? Can sash locks and the privacy they give us make the average Joe happy, too?


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The Link Between Privacy & Happiness


First off, it’s worth mentioning that not everyone agrees with the two scientists’ ideas about evolutionary psychology. Satoshi Kanazawa’s work, in particular, has been criticised a lot in the past.


However, while Kanazawa is one of the few people to claim that only smart people properly enjoy time to themselves, he isn’t the only person to have seen a connection between privacy and happiness in general. The relationship between the two has a longer history than you might expect…


-In the year 1700, British poet Alexander Pope wrote an “Ode on Solitude”, which opens with “Happy the man whose wish and care | a few paternal acres bound | Content to breathe his native air | In his own ground.” In other words, a happy man is content just having his own space to breathe.
-Pope was followed by the Romantic poets of the 18th Century who also wrote pages and pages about how much fun being on your own is.
-During the 1930s, lawmakers in California felt that the link between privacy and happiness was so important that The Right to Privacy and The Pursuit of Happiness became an official right in California in 1931.
-In 2015, Dr Bella DePaulo wrote about how being alone can make you happier and so did Dr Marty Nemko in 2017.


All of those people (poets, lawyers and scientists) have written at length about how having some time to yourself can make you happier. It’s not just for the “extremely intelligent”; it’s for everyone.


But What Does All of This Have to Do With Sash Locks?


Locks are one of the best ways of ensuring privacy around the home. Yes, we all love our families. Still, whether you’re married with kids or whether you’ve just moved into a new home with your other half, we all need a bit of privacy from time to time. What’s more, hundreds of years of philosophy, law and science tells us that this is a perfectly normal and acceptable thing to want.


All of this might explain the rise of man caves. They are more than just a place for middle-aged men to play video games. There are, in fact, some compelling psychological arguments for why a man might need a cave to hide out in every once in awhile. And, of course, no man cave is complete without a decent lock.


hand holding a door handle opening the door to the bathroom


Locks are also great for other rooms in the house:


-A master bedroom lock is a great way for mum and dad to keep the kids from barging in (except on Christmas morning, of course!)

-A moody teenager might be a lot less moody if they had a bedroom lock, too.

-Privacy in the bathroom goes without saying, so bathroom bolts are often a great idea.

-A bolt can also be great for a home library or a home study as well.


At E-Hardware, our locks are cheap, high-quality and easy to install. Not only that but using one to bask in some well-earned solitude might just make you happier, too!


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