Last week, we discussed which front door colours to consider and what ideologies are tied to different colours. Choosing a front door isn’t all about colour, though, and anybody  dissatisfied with their front door needs to know a bit more about how to give your door a new lease of life. We should go that extra mile further than just giving it a new colour.

The front door is often described as the most important part of your home, and rightfully so. It is the front door that you are immediately drawn to when looking at a home, expressing the most about your house’s character than the rest of your exterior. It is here, therefore, where people make their first impressions. Be it dinner guests or potential buyers, your front door should always be standing with the right adornments to be warm and welcoming.


So, here are five steps to a fresh new front door…



Give Your Door a New Personality with a Fresh Coat of Paint!


Of course, a new front door starts with a new coat of paint altogether. This isn’t the be all and end all of your front door, but a new colour lays the groundworks for the rest of your additions.


Give it a fresh coat of paint before you do anything else — whether that be a brand new colour or just a refresh of the original shade. It doesn’t take more than a few hours to give your front door a whole new look. Unhinge the door and prop it up on a bench or somewhere where it’s off the ground and level, so the paint won’t run. Make sure any drips or splatter won’t damage anything valuable to you.


If you’re serious about a brand new look, you’re going to want to change the colour. If you’re still in love with the original colour, that’s perfectly fine. We are creatures of habit after all! If you opt for a change of colour, think carefully about which one to go for. A stand-out colour in such a prominent area of your home is bound to catch the eye and create first impressions, so don’t underestimate the importance of getting your front door colour spot on.


Choose a colour that goes with the rest of your exterior surroundings and one you’ll be happy with for a long time. In this modern era, there is a range of useful phone apps that let you see what your door would look like using the magic of technology. Whichever you choose, make sure to apply a durable, 100% acrylic latex paint so your door will gleam with pride — and you won’t have to add another coat for years to come.


paint roller with black paint on white background



New Door Hardware and a New Door Knocker - the Jewels in the Crown


Of equal importance is brand new door hardware. If you’ve got broken or neglected door hardware holding your door back, don’t be fearful of the costs or time it takes to install new door hardware. They’re cheaper and easier to fit than you might think. If you’ve already taken the time to paint your door, new door hardware is an absolute must.


Sometimes we hold on a little too long to door hardware from previous owners, or just handles and door knobs we’ve had for years. It’s time to commit to revamping your door and inject new energy into your home’s exterior with some gleaming door hardware.

A new door handle, letterbox, and door numbers look great, but there's nothing that elicits more of an impression that a high-quality door knocker. You can get some beautifully elaborate door knockers; people visiting your home will be greatly impressed by something like a Black Antique Lion Head door knocker. It shows class and grandiose.


Black Antique Lion Head door knocker



Go Green: Bring Your Front Door to Life with Nature


Once you’ve sorted out a new door knocker and your furniture is gleaming from your front door, it’s time to look around the entryway to your home and figure out what’s lacking. In my opinion, a door is never complete without the right amount of natural life around it. How much greenery you want will depend largely on what the front of your home consists of. Aspects like a driveway, garden, and entrance path should all be considered.


There are a considerable amount of fantastic plants that look great around your door. Whether it’s ivy growing up the wall in fairytale fashion, or rosemary growing out of an old watering can, you can add greenery of all shapes and sizes to fit the style of your home. If you’re less of a gardener and like your home to be clean and organised, it may be worth just putting a single plant pot or garden planter either side of the door to inject a bit of nature, while still keeping it simple.


Garden Plants for front door



Don’t Hold Back on Front Door Accessories


While the colour of your front door, new door hardware, and a beautiful door knocker will go far in giving your door a new personality, there is no harm in spicing it up with some charming door accessories. The first place to start is with a door mat. Invest in a door mat that makes guests laugh or complements the colour of the door. Standing on a thick, quality doormat is a sign that the home is well cared for — not to mention it will help keep the dirt out!


A festive wreath around Christmas or Easter time is another nice touch and shows that you embrace the little things. A wreath is a welcoming sign and can go beautifully with your door. Who knows: you might even decide to leave it up all year round!

Christmas door wreath



Light That Front Door Up!


It would be a shame to give your front door an entirely new look and forget to make sure it is lit up for the world to see. Make sure you have a reasonable amount of light flooding your doorway so guests feel welcomed and anybody waiting at the front door feels safe and secure. There is nothing worse than waiting in a dark doorway in the black of night!


 wooden front door with lights

via Ken Doerr / Flickr

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