Protecting your home from theft is not as simple as double locking the front door or buying a high-security padlock for the shed. You have to assume that burglars are calculated and perceptive, so there are many precautionary measures you should take to keep your home safe and secure.


Homes are far more at-risk on specific days; Valentine's Day and Bonfire Night see more burglaries than any other day of the year, as thieves know that couples are out on romantic evenings and family events. After this, most burglaries occur during the months of June, July and August, as families enjoy the hot weather or leave their home for extended periods as they head abroad for summer holidays.



Summer is the peak season for burglary and, in an age in where sharing a photo on social media can inform a thief of a high-value purchase or a sign you are on holiday, we have to be extra careful about preparing ourselves.


From fixing door handles and window furniture to utilising alarms and padlocks, here are some essential tips on how to prepare your home before going on holiday.


Don’t Announce That You’re Going Away


Don’t make it obvious that your home will soon be empty for a long period of time. Packing the car with suitcases the night before can be a very costly error. It indicates that you’ll be away for a while and will undoubtedly alert burglars. Leave your luggage indoors, ready to take out in the morning.


Try to cover off any telltale signs of an empty home before you get going. A build-up of daily deliveries, like letters or milk, is an immediate sign of a vacant home. You can arrange a keepsafe scheme with Royal Mail, or ask a neighbour you trust to nip over and pick up these items.


How to leave your lights and curtains is a constant debate, but closed curtains during the day is often a sure sign of an empty house. Leave curtains open, leave at least one light on, and ensure all valuable equipment is out of sight.


Co-Operate with Trusted Neighbours & Friends


Work with trusted neighbours and friends when you go on holiday. Ask them to keep an eye on your property, pop round now and again to collect post and turn some other lights on. You could even ask them to sweep up leaves or put the bins out. You can offer to do the same in return when they are next away, or buy something small to say thank you when you return.


Leaving your driveway empty is another indicator that you’ve left the home for a long period, so if any friends, family members or neighbours have two cars, ask them to park one in your driveway.


Home Preparation: Door Furniture, Window Locks and Functioning Hardware


Burglars will be on the lookout for weak spots in your property, which means doors and windows must be brought up to scratch before you leave. Unlocked windows and back doors are the most common entry points for burglars, but doors and windows without effective locks and door furniture often provide an equally inviting entry point.


Be absolutely certain your doors and windows are all functioning perfectly with stable door hardware and reliable window furniture. If there are any problems, buy some new locks, latches and bolts. Installing a door lock or window lock is easily done with the right tools and a new sash lock or tubular latch will make it impossible for anybody to break in through a door or window.


Protect Your Outbuilding with Padlocks and Lighting


Once you’ve checked your home, you may also want to consider your outbuildings. I recently wrote a blog post on protecting outbuildings and, whilst items stored outside like barbeques, tools and furniture can have significant value, accessible items that could be used to break into your home is the bigger problem.


Lock your shed and garage with high-security padlocks. If you have a ladder or any other tools outside, shackle these to a permanent fixture with a high-quality padlock. An Abus 70lB All Weather Padlock should do the trick.


Rather than leaving your lights on while you are away, use automatic lighting or motion-activated lighting. These are brilliant investments for home security that light up either on a timer or when something moves nearby. They will surprise and deter potential burglars.


Holidays are everybody's favourite time of the year. We escape work, eat gorgeous food and relax in tranquillity. But there is nothing worse than coming back to a home that's been burgled, or hearing about it whilst you are away. Take precautionary measures, invest in extra security like sash locks and padlocks, and enjoy yourself with the reassurance that your home is not to be messed with.


Going away and want to make your home as secure as possible? Give E-Hardware a call on 01206 213499 to discuss your needs, or browse our huge selection of padlocks, door locks and window locks if you know exactly what you are looking for!