Scandinavian design focuses on humility, bringing the outdoors indoors and a kind of cleanliness. Learn how to achieve this with satin chrome door handles.


If you’re thinking of Ikea furniture, think again. Scandinavian style interior design is about way more than that. For starters, a lot of Scandinavian interior design’s most recognisable features come from necessity. With such cold, long, dark winters, there’s a huge emphasis on light and warmth in Scandinavian interior design. However, this isn’t achieved with gaudy or extravagant heating systems or windows. Rather, the idea is to conquer the unforgivably cold weather of the Nordic countries with a modest and understated design.


Scandinavian design style living room


The Language of Design


Some like to link this modesty and understatement back to Scandinavian culture. The word “lagom” in Swedish has no direct translation in English, but it’s well understood by the Danes and the Norwegians as a word which reflects okayness and mediocrity in a positive way. In English, if something is “just alright”, it’s often seen as negative. In Swedish, if something is “lagom” then that’s a positive thing.


Then there’s “hygge”. A Danish word understood by most Scandinavians, it refers to the joy of cosiness of contentedness around others. Once again, with no direct translation into English, it can be a difficult concept to understand, though many American and British interior designs have been trying to.


Finally, there’s the word “Janteloven” (or Jantelogin or Jantelagen in Icelandic and Swedish, respectively) which translates as Jante’s Law. So what is Jante’s law? Well, once again, it’s hard to explain in English. However, it basically refers to the idea that the individual is not all that special, or smart, or great — but that’s okay. Don’t worry about trying to stand out. It’s nice just being nice.


Combine these ideas together and you wind up with interior design which is simple, cosy, functional and subtle.


Satin Chrome Door Handles & Scandinavian Design


To say that “satin chrome door handles are incredible” isn’t very Scandinavian. After all, according to “lagom”, it’s okay for something just to be okay. It doesn’t need to be amazing, outstanding, or fantastic.


However, to say that “satin chrome door handles are minimalist” isn’t quite Scandinavian either. After all, according to “hygge”, Scandinavian design is about being comfortable. Scandi style is quiet, rather than cold. It’s calming, rather than clinical. It’s cosy, rather than closed off.


Even to say that “satin chrome door handles are the epitome of Scandinavian design” isn’t very Scandinavian. After all, according to “Janteloven”, there’s no one epitome of anything, because nothing is special. Nothing should take centre stage.


Luxury Scandinavian style living room


So what are satin chrome door handles, then? Satin Chrome finish on door handles is achieved by chromium plating on a base metal that is then linished to create a matt or brushed effect. Satin Chrome handles have a slightly darker, warmer tone to Polished Chrome handles. The linished, brushed effect of Satin Chrome makes a door handle blend in subtly to calm, relaxed, surroundings.


They are a good way of bringing a touch of Scandinavian design into your home. They’re not a great way and they’re not the only way. There’s also no one kind of satin chrome door handle.


It’s lagom, it follows janteloven, and (with a few pillows and a nice rug) can create a lovely hygge. That’s why satin chrome door handles are good for Scandinavian design.


To create a home with an authentic Scandinavian feel, consider our range of satin chrome door handles. Most of e-Hardware’s door handles can come with this finish and, if your order is over £45, we can deliver it for FREE.