Hi Everyone,

Well... I knew it was going to take a while for me to get in to the swing of writing Blog posts but I didn't realise it would be this long! You won't be waiting long for the next post - I'm on a mission!

Anyway, WELCOME to my first Blog post.

As you know, we launched the new website in January with the hope of building our product base and being able to bring you new products and information on a better platform. This is why I've decided to write my first post introducing you to one of our new products - SMART LATCHES.

Now, I've been in this industry for a long time and when I’m presented with a product that's as good as this I can't help but get excited!

Smart Latch Fit Me In Under Five Minutes          Smart Latch When Fitted

What Is It and what does it do?
SMARTLATCH is a new innovative latch that is designed to be used instead of the standard tubular latch you and I are both used to seeing. It works in exactly the same way and is designed to keep your doors in the closed position.

Why should I buy this instead of a normal tubular latch?
Due to the Innovative design the latch can be easily fitted meaning you don’t need to hire a carpenter to fit them saving you time and money. Providing you have the right drill bit (25mm) you can fit these in fewer than 5 minutes! 5 minutes! According to the manufacturer Dale, that’s saving you 3/4 of the time a standard latch would. This means more time spent on other jobs or relaxing doing things you love instead of DIY-ing or paying a carpenter to DIY for you.

These latches have also been specifically designed to enhance the aesthetics of your door. They come in a range of finishes to suit the look you want (something that you may not be able to get with standard tubular latches).

Are they more expensive?
You can get a standard tubular latch for £1.85 but depending on your situation you will most likely be paying for a carpenter to fit your door hardware adding to this cost.  These smart latches start from £5.83 and considering they take less time to fit and look brilliant I think they are worth the little bit extra.

Do they really only take 5 minutes to fit?
As you can see from the instructions below a smart latch can be fitted in just 3 steps, not only that, the steps are REALLY easy and the feed back I have had from customers already is positive so I am confident that you will be able to fit them with ease and speed.

Smart Latch Fitting Instructions

The smart latch also comes with two types of striker plate depending on whether you need to fit a new one or replace an existing one.

Smart Latch Round Striker Plate

The first striker plate is normally fitted when you have a new door frame or where a striker plate has not been fitted previously. Much like the smart latch itself, it is easy to fit using a 25mm drill bit to drill a hole in the frame of the door and then inserting the striker plate into the frame.

Smart Latch Standard Striker Plate


The second strike plate is designed to be fitted as a replacement. For example, you may have had new doors fitted in your home and therefore need a new latch but have existing cut out in the frame where the original striker plate was.

Both of these striker plates are easy to fit alongside the smart latch with instructions included with the product itself.


If you like to sound of the SMART LATCHES they can be found by following this link https://www.e-hardware.co.uk/locks-latches-bolts/tubular-latches/smart-latch.html

If you have any questions or would like some more information let me know by e-mailing info@e-hardware.co.uk or giving us a call on 01206 213499.


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