We love the upcycling trend. Creating handmade, bespoke furniture is something we can’t get enough of. Two of our upcycling favourites are door handles and window furniture — and they’re far more versatile than you might think! With a bit of imagination and a little elbow grease, you can use them to create brand new feature pieces for your home.



Coat Hooks

coat hooks by indulgy, pinterest

via Indulgy / Pinterest 


A short plank of wood — perhaps from an old pallet — and a set of door knobs can come together as a bespoke coat hook. Apply a lick of paint that matches your home decor, screw in the door knobs, and you’re done! For a really rustic feel, use sandpaper to rough up the paint before attaching the door knobs.


Window Catch Toolbox

 Window Catch Toolbox



For a more ambitious project, consider knocking together a sturdy wooden toolbox. All you need is some wood from an old pallet, a couple of hinges and a window latch. There are plenty of blueprints available online, so search around for the one which suits your needs. The toolbox in the picture below was improvised, but does the job perfectly!


Door Handle Key Holder


Door Handle Key Holder

via Cowiescraftandcookingcorner / Pinterest


Never lose your keys again with this ingenious door handle key holder. Screw a backplated door handle into a hallway wall and you’re good to go! When you arrive home, stick your keys in, hang your bag up and forget about them until you leave the house. The beauty of this upcycled interior door handle is that it serves a purpose and looks great, too.


Curtain Holder

 curtain holder

via Apartment Therapy / Pinterest


The traditional curtain holder is an uninspiring object. Often an afterthought, many of us resort to using a simple metal hook to keep our curtains back. An easy upgrade comes in the form of — yes, you guessed it — the door knob. A decorative door knob can add a stylish touch to your bedroom or lounge, and it won’t break the bank. Alternatively, you could try an interior door handle for even greater holding power.


Tea Towel Hooks

 via cottag3 / Pinterest


The humble doorknob has many uses, even in the kitchen. Following the formula of the coat hook project, attach a set of door knobs to a plank of wood for the perfect solution to the tea-towel dilemma. Using a mixture of decorative and plain door knobs will add personality to your cooking space.


Doors and Windows


We couldn’t complete this list without the most obvious use of all!


Replacing doors and windows can be costly. They’re what form people’s first impressions when they enter your house and, in this fast-paced world, they can become dated quickly. But there’s often no need to replace them entirely; with a few simple alterations, you could save yourself a bundle and add style to your home.


Black pewter internal door handles make for a homely, rustic feel. Alternatively, go for polished chrome or glass door handles to suit a more modern home. This subtle addition can breathe

new life into any old, tired door.


 glass door hardware

via clarkandcohomes / Pinterest



Window catches can help to complete the look of a room, with brass window catches adding a touch of antique class. Alternatively, you could choose a more decorative pewter fastener to create a cosy atmosphere, or opt for more modern window furniture to refresh any room in your home.


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