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This time up, it’s windows. We’ve discussed doors and door furniture over the last few posts, so I thought I would touch on windows and how to make the most out of them with window furniture. I was at a house recently that gave me the urge to express the importance of really making the most of your windows, because without them, we’re living in boxed spaces.

I don’t know about you, but for me, a room without some sort of access to the outside, some natural light and freedom, is both claustrophobic and uncomfortable. Windows are one of the first pieces of the room that are neglected, because they are easily hidden behind blinds or curtains. People feel there are better tasks at hand than maintaining your windows and window furniture, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Properly cared for windows can help save you money through both saving energy and through keeping warmth inside, but they are also beautiful household features that should be flaunted appropriately.


Here are some important and easy steps to keeping your windows alive and improving the quality and atmosphere of your home…


Let There Be Light! Think About Your Window’s Wellbeing


window with curtains

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Before we assess the windows themselves, it's important to consider whether you are getting the most out of what they have to offer. Is the layout of your room taking advantage of the natural light available? Is there anything blocking natural light from your windows?


Natural light has a positive impact on your health, improving happiness and productivity. It is essential that your windows are being used to their full potential. Nowadays, people plan their living rooms over where the television is best located. This seems absolutely bizarre, don’t you think?


Remove anything that may be blocking light from the windows. Move your room around if you need to and remove any clutter on your window sills to let them stand proudly as a central part of your room. If your window is oddly situated, make sure you are making it as easy as possible for light to enter. Use blinds that roll up with smaller windows to take advantage of their light, and install mirrors nearby so that light can effectively bounce around the room.


Take Pride In Your Windows and Improve Your Window Hardware


antique and modern window furniture


When you’ve made your windows the centrepiece of your room, it’s time to make sure they are the real deal. It may seem like a bit of a chore renovating your windows, but it is a job you can do in just one afternoon. Depending on the character of your house, you might want to look into some beautiful antique window furniture or if not, some more modern window furniture. Authentic and stylish window furniture can be bought at an incredibly reasonable price with a range of stunning window fasteners and window caches at around a fiver each. Choosing a finish that glints against your painted windows really makes a statement to guests. Windows looking maintained and stable is the sign of a sturdy home.


If you would like to adjust how much air your windows let in, window stays give you absolute control over the open position of your windows. Quality window holds will stop windows from slamming when windy or influenced in any other way.


Window Furniture: It’s The Little Things

brass and steel window catches


Keep your windows free of distractions and let their quality characteristics do the talking. Thick curtains are key to keeping warmth in the home, but it is equally important to keep curtains open during the day. Invest in some beautiful curtain holders that match the window hardware, so they can just as easily be pulled back neatly when you want to make the most of your windows.


Don’t give your windows another coat of paint every couple of years just to delay the task. Permanently upgrade your windows at a cheap price and match them with surrounding hardware. Brass, bronze and pewter window catches say more than any window decoration, when maintained well. Look after them and upgrade your window hardware so that your windows will be standing loud and proud for years to come.



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