First impressions are lasting, so what do people think about you based solely on the colour of your front door and your front door handle?


Does red insight passion? Does yellow make people insecure? Does blue create calm? Maybe, but also maybe not. People are torn on how much of an effect colour really does have on our moods, but that hasn’t stopped psychologists from trying to find out.


Do Your Front Door Handles’ Colour Really Affect The Way People Think?


lots of colourful doors and door handles


Yes, but it’s not as simple as you might think.


Isolated studies performed all over the world show that colour definitely does have at least some effect on people. However, predicting that effect is a lot more difficult than you might expect. For example, a 2014 study published in the journal Nature argued that — in their experiment — red helped to extend people’s perception of time. Weirdly, according to the study, this is only true of men.


However, other analyses of red’s effect on people say different things. An article on Web MD argues that red increases blood flow, makes you talk more and makes you hungrier. A lot of our reaction to colour might not really be down to deep-rooted psychology, but to cultural trends. In American film, for example, red often means violence and passion. Whereas, in China, red is tied to the idea of national pride and monetary wealth.


There’s also the idea that our perceptions of colour depend largely on personal experience. This, too, makes a lot of sense when you think about it. If your favourite sister once had a red-brown door handle, a red chair, and a red carpet in her room, you might get a warm sense of family and happiness when you see the colour red.


Yet marketers and logo makers disagree. After all, businesses all over the world spend millions trying to create the right logo with just the right colour, and it clearly works. Would Coca-Cola taste anywhere near as exciting or bold without its famous red colour? The Logo Company doesn’t think so, which is why it created an infographic detailing how they think colours make people feel based on the logos which use them.


There’s some logic to their argument. Green makes people think of nature, which makes a lot of sense because green is the colour of vegetation the world over, while black, white, and grey are seen as calm and balanced. This also makes sense and would explain the feeling of calmness, precision, and professionality of Apple stores.


Though there’s also the issue of colour perception. The worldwide colour of the dress fiasco taught us anything, it’s that sometimes we can’t even decide on what colour something is. This isn’t because that particular dress was somehow special. Rather, it’s because not all people perceive colour in the same way.


Colours do make people feel something. Yet they can make different people feel different things and the feelings they do have can often be vague, mild, or abstract. Even still, that doesn’t mean that people won’t have some opinions about you based on your front door.


So what does your front door colour say about you?


Pink Door With Pink Front Door Handles?


For years, pink has been associated with femininity, sweetness and innocence. However, while that’s certainly the effect this colour has on people today, it wasn’t always that way. In the 1920s, pink was associated with the working classes and health. So a pink door with pink door handles might tell people some people that you’re sweet and innocent, but it might tell others that you’re healthy and down to earth.


pink door with silver knocker


A Red Door With Red Front Door Handles?


As mentioned earlier, red can mean different things to different people. In Western culture, it often implies passion, excitement and maybe even violence. However, in Chinese culture, it signifies wealth and national pride. If you’re rich, exciting and proud of your country, then this could be the door for you.


An Orange Door With Orange Front Door Handles?


According to The Logo Company, orange is a friendly colour. WebMD somewhat agrees, saying that orange is warm and happy colour. Then there’s American film, where orange generally expresses sociability, youth and — once again — warmth. So it seems there’s a pretty clear consensus on orange.


Except Forbes, which argues that orange makes people think of cheap products. So an orange door could make people think you’re warm and friendly, or it could make them think that you’re cheap. In which case, maybe it’d be best to complement your orange door with a high-quality front door handle? We happen to have plenty of those!


orange door


Yellow Door With Yellow Front Door Handles?


In American films, yellow is often used for insanity or insecurity. This is also the case in the British TV series Utopia, where the surreal nature of the show is heightened by its consistent use of intense yellow.


Though not everyone feels the same way, with The Logo Company arguing that yellow conveys optimism, clarity and — our old friend — warmth. Perhaps that last one is down to how similar yellow and orange can be?


Forbes seems to have gotten this one right, arguing that yellow is a colour which divides people. Some people love it and some people hate it, which is probably why it’s used so prominently in the Marmite logo...


A Green Door With Green Front Door Handles?


Green is the colour of nature and there’s a pretty wide consensus on this one. Still, you don’t need to go to colour psychologists or marketers to figure that one out. The forests and grasses that cover all of the land in the world are, by and large, green. We live on a green, green land and it is only our cities which escape this intense green.


green door


A Blue Door With Blue Front Door Handles?


Blue, according to Forbes, is the most widely liked colour. This is obvious when you consider that, though our planet’s land may be covered in green, the planet itself is mostly blue, being covered largely by water. All creatures living on earth will have seen blue whenever they look to the sea and blue whenever they look to the sky. It’s no wonder that blue is the most popular of the colours.


A Purple Door With Purple Front Door Handles?


Purple, like blue, is an immensely popular colour which has a history of being associated with wealth. There’s good reason for this. In ancient Rome, Egypt and Persia, making coloured clothes was hard and making purple clothes was especially hard. More than 9,000 molluscs were needed to make just one gramme of Tyrian purple dye. This meant that the more purple clothes you had, the richer people knew you were.


Today, anyone can buy purple paint. Yet, cultural perceptions are strong things, so people still might associate purple with royalty and wealth today.


purple door with cast iron door handle


Whatever colour door you go for, be sure to get your front door handles from e-Hardware. Our range means that we have a door handle to match the colour, perception, and impression you’re looking for.