This is a question I am often asked by our customers.


A tubular latch is the part that keeps the door which closes when you pull the handle or turn the mortice knob. Without it, the door would simply not stay closed. The tubular latch is often referred to as a mortice latch or tubular mortice latch.Mortice means that is fitted into a hole or recess in the wooden door.


So why are there so many different types of latches on our e-Hardware website?


Standard Tubular Latch


Each latch we sell has a particular function and use. Our standard tubular latch is — as the name suggests — the latch that is most commonly fitted in the UK. This makes it ideal to put in our door packs as the chances are this is what you will need to replace your existing unit.


a standard tubular latch

Architectural Tubular Latch


Our architectural range of latches is the next step up in quality and design. If you are hanging new doors, this is something I would strongly recommend you always fit as they are by far a more superior product. They come with two springs in the tube, one is a soft touch spring which allows the door to close without the need to push the handle down and the second is a much stronger spring which gives a very firm action to the handle. They also come with a black box, sometimes called a splinter guard, that goes behind the striker plate and hides the timber in the frame. This gives the latch a more architecturally tidy finish.

an architectural tubular latch 

Smart Latch


We also stock the smart latch, which is an incredibly ingenious way to quickly fit a latch without the need to use a chisel. I love this latch as it speeds up the time to fit and looks fantastic. It matches incredibly well with our modern range of round, rose door handles. For more detailed information about it, check out my previous blog post on the smart latch.

a smart latch 

Adjustable Latch


The last range — but probably the most satisfying — range of latches we sell are our adjustable latches. I say “satisfying” because the number of customers that we have helped with this product is incredible.


In the 1970s to mid-90s, a company called Weiser supplied hundreds of thousands of latches to house builders all around the country. It was a unique product which was easy to fit as all the builder had to do was drill a 50mm hole through the door and fit the knob into the supplied latch. Unfortunately, Weiser latches are no longer in production and, until now, people have not been able to buy replacement knobs or latches. This has meant having to replace entire doors or sticking with the old knobs.


Thanks to our adjustable latches, you can now have a selection of modern handles and knobs without the worry of having to call a carpenter in to hang new doors — saving hundreds of pounds!

an adjustable tubular latch 

Bolt Through Fixing Holes


All our tubular latches have bolt through fixing holes either side of the follower (that’s the square hole in the latch that the spindle/rod passes through). These bolt through fixing holes are required when fitting door handle levers on rose as they are pulled tight against the door with fixing bolts that pass right through the door. Be careful when buying some very cheap tubular latches as they may not have these holes.




The “backset” is the measurement between the forend plate and the centre of the keyhole or follower (the square hole that the spindle goes through).


Remember that the size of the latch or lock will determine where your door handle or door knob will end up on your door. If you have a panelled door and you want your door furniture to sit nicely in the centre of the stile, or if you have deep frame stops, you need to choose the correct size lock or latch with the correct backset to accommodate this.


If you need any help with this, check out our guide to what size locks and latches you need for certain door frames.


So there you are! These are the four of the most popular latches we sell, but we have many more designs and sizes to make sure that — whatever your needs — we can help you.


I hope this helps you choose the correct product and, if you have any further questions, simply give us a ring and we will be able to help you.


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