What is an Escape Lock?

An escape lock is a type of locking mechanism designed specifically for safety and emergency situations. It allows individuals to unlock and exit a room or building quickly and easily, even if the lock is secured from the other side. Escape locks are commonly found in commercial and public buildings, such as offices, hotels, and schools, where the safe and rapid evacuation of people is crucial in case of an emergency like a fire or security threat.

These locks are engineered to ensure that, while they can secure a door against entry from the outside, anyone inside can still open the door without needing a key or special knowledge. This is often achieved through the use of push bars, lever handles, or panic bars that, when pressed or turned, release the lock mechanism instantly.

In many jurisdictions, the installation and use of escape locks are regulated by building codes and safety standards to ensure that they meet specific criteria for performance and reliability in emergencies.

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