The door handle: arguably the least prioritised item on your “renovation to-do list”. Yet, having the right door handle is extremely important and, without the right know-how, choosing one can become an exercise in patience and willpower.


So if you find yourself at the end of your wits and are not entirely sure how to choose the right handle for your door and your home, here are a few tips.


Door Handle Vs. Door Knob


It’s important to remember that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a door handle, and there are a number of reasons to opt for a door knob instead, one of them being that it can instantly give your house a more classic and sophisticated look.


However, while door knobs have their own set of advantages, there are also certain disadvantages to consider. The most important one is accessibility. Before making any decision, consider who uses the door in question. Door knobs, for example, are difficult to operate for elders and children as they require tight grasping.


Infographic on door furniture basic guide by e-Hardware 


Function First


Another factor that will determine which kind of door knob or door handle to choose is function. There are certain rooms in your house that require more privacy than others, and therefore each room requires a different kind of door knob or door handle to be compatible with the door lock or latch.


As there are a large variety of door locks you can choose from, there are also a large variety of door handles and door knobs to accompany these locks. These are:


  • A Latchset Door Handle / Passage Knobset: This type has no locking function and is used largely for hallway doors. Used in conjunction with a tubular latch.


  • A Privacy Set / Privacy Knobset: As the name suggests, this is a type of door handle or door knob that is used for rooms which need a higher level of privacy, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. The “turn button” locks the door handle or door knob and therefore does not lock the door itself and should not be used where a high level of security is needed. They are also used in conjunction with a tubular latch.


  • A Bathroom Set Door Handle: Much like the privacy set, this is also used for rooms which need a higher level of privacy such as bedrooms and bathrooms. Unlike the privacy set, however, these are used in conjunction with a bathroom lock and do not require a key, as the door lock is controlled using a “thumb turn” that is on the door handle or door knob.


  • A Lockset Door Handle / Entrance Knobset: This option has a keyhole located in the handle or knob on both sides and requires a key for the door to be locked or unlocked. These are generally used for front and back doors or store rooms that require security.


  • The Dummy: The last item on the list is the dummy. Usually supplied in singles, it is designed to be used on closets or airing cupboard doors, where generally “roller bolts” are fitted and therefore the door handle or knob act as a “pull lever”.


Create A Budget


Once you know which type of door handle or door knob to go for, set a budget. Know exactly how much and how little you are willing to pay.


Remember that it is not always necessary to spend a fortune on the perfect door handle, as there are a number of places that offer a wide range of cheap door handles that are still high-quality and stylish.


Think About Your Door Furniture’s Design And Material


While the main purpose of a door handle is to be functional, it can also greatly influence the style of your house. As a result, it’s worth spending a minute or two considering which kind of design to opt for.


A chrome or stainless door handle, for instance, will give your house a more modern look, so this might be the right choice for those who prefer a contemporary feel. If, however, you are more of a traditional type, you can’t go wrong with antique, pewter or porcelain door handles or knobs, which will automatically compliment your vintage decor. Those who are undecided and like both designs may want to opt for a bronze finish as it compliments both a traditional and modern decor.


Still not sure what to go for? Looking for some ideas and inspiration? Why not take a look at our range of door knobs and door handles?



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