Hello, Nigel here! I thought this time I would have a look at some recognisable doors around the world. Believe or not, doors aren't always just the simple things we use to enter and exit the home each day. They have, throughout time, been symbolic. Take the doors of Dublin, painted with bright colours and decorated with elaborate door furniture to rebel against the strict architectural guidelines of the Georgian era. Or the Feng Shui belief that a red door brings positive energy into the home.


Doors represent those within and communicate something to those outside, and some doors become synonymous with individuals, groups, or ideas and — for one reason or another — they become recognisable to millions of people around the world. So here are five of the world’s most famous doors and what makes them special.


1. The Prime Minister's Door at 10 Downing Street


There are few who would fail to recognise the distinguishable Number 10 door of Downing Street. Now the front door of Theresa May and synonymous with the British Government, it has been the door of the British Prime Minister’s as far back as 1735.


The door’s simple black colour decorated with its golden door handle, golden letterbox, and black lion head door knocker makes it instantly recognisable. The door was originally made of black oak but had to be replaced in 1991 with a metal, bullet-proof door due to IRA attacks. The black bricks of the building surrounding the door were originally yellow but they were blackened by London smog and, in keeping with this new identity, the property was blackened for good in the 1960’s.


front door of 10 Downing Street


2. The Door From Friends


Featuring in one of the most popular shows of all time, who hasn’t seen the purple door Monica is always peering through? It is impossible not to recognise it’s iconic, quirky, golden frame that surrounds the peephole, its brass door handle, and its brass door lock.


Even if you’re not an avid fan, you’ve likely seen a fair few famous scenes, including the one where the door’s chain lock allows Ross, Joey, Rachel, and Phoebe to stick their heads around the door. Such is the popularity of the door that replicas of the golden frame can be bought all over the web, and multiple YouTube tutorials show you how to make one yourself!


The door from Friends 


3. Sherlock’s 221b Baker Street


Another famous black London door is home not to the Prime Minister, but one of the most well-known fictional detectives in history, Sherlock Holmes. Though the door comes from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original novels, it exists today in London. Baker Street was extended in the 1930s, 221b Baker Street was put in, and a museum was installed next door.


This door isn’t actually the one used for BBC’s popular TV series, however, 187 North Gower Street was instead used to replicate the famous door, much to the knowledge of fans worldwide.


221b Baker Street, Sherlock Holmes, front door 


4. The Holy Door of St.Peter’s Basilica


Designed by Michelangelo himself, the Holy Door of St.Peter’s Basilica is found in Rome and it is one of the most famous religious doors in the world. Every 25 years, tens of thousands of pilgrims come from far and wide to walk through the Holy Door when it is opened by the Pope.


The door is bricked up on the inside so the Pope ceremoniously smashes the bricks with a hammer to symbolise the beginning of the Catholic Church's Jubilee year. We think a simple sash lock would do the job, but who are we to judge! The Holy Door doesn’t have any pretty door handles or door knockers, unfortunately, but it does have 16 panels depicting man's sin and God’s redemption.


The door of St Peters Basilica


5. The Columbus Doors


The Columbus Doors can be found at the entrance to the United States Capitol Building in Washington, DC. Designed by Randolph Rogers, they depict different stages in the life of Christopher Columbus. Again, there are no door handles or door knobs. The doors are pushed open from the centre, but they look pretty heavy to us.


The Columbus Doors


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