When preparing your home against burglary, the first thing you think of is securing your property and all possible access points that a burglar may utilise. However, your outdoor area is also at risk. Burglars know that there are valuable belongings around your house as well as in it, so some things need to be locked away.


They may not feel like the most sentimental or costly items, but when you consider how much you spent and how much you use them, things in the garage or shed, for example, are often worth as much or more than those valuables indoors. Here are a few tips on improving security and protecting your outbuildings with padlocks, lock vaults and more.


Secure Sheds and Outdoor Buildings With Padlocks


Any outdoor equipment is a potential target. Most of this can be found in a garden shed, garage, workshop or other outdoor structures. All windows need to be updated with proper locks and latches and doors should be effectively secured with high-security padlocks.


Remember what you’ve stored in the shed. It’s easy to forget the amount of money you’ve invested into tools and electronics that may be in there, but they could also be used to break into your home. If you’ve got things like ladders and crowbars, it’s everything a burglar needs. Make no mistake about it: they know where to find these things.


Keep everything secured in your shed, including spades and shovels, with high-security padlocks. Lock things like ladders to walls and posts by using all-weather padlocks. Don’t buy any old padlock from the supermarket; know what you’re buying and be confident in its ability to keep everything safe.


padlock locking a metal gate


Stay On Top of Outdoor Lighting


Burglars and thieves thrive in darkness. They’re harder to see and can skulk around without being noticed. It means dimly lit properties are inevitably targeted more frequently than those with effective outdoor lighting. Lighting up garden paths and front door lighting should be considered, but the more efficient option here is movement sensor lighting.


These are lights that are activated only if there is movement around your property. They can be installed all around your home and are turned off when there is nothing going on, thereby reducing your energy bills. Thieves hate motion activated lighting. It will startle a potential burglar, instantly illuminating them whilst also notifying everybody nearby that there has been movement outside. It’s an immediate put-off.


Fix and Reinforce Garden Fences


Fences, gates and walls are an effective way of prohibiting thieves from entering your property, but you need to find the right height and design for you. Fences with spikes on the top might suit your property, though they do come at a cost. While the taller the fence, the harder it is to get over, you also need to consider your home’s surveillance.


a spiked metal fence


Intruders are harder to see and can work unseen with tall, prominent features surrounding your home. It gives them the opportunity to sneak around out of sight, unobservable to neighbours and yourself. Make it hard for burglars to enter your property, keep your surroundings clear by trimming hedges and limiting too much growth and shadowy spots around your home.


Install locked gates at the front and back of your property, or secure gates and side entrances with high-security padlocks. Make sure your fences and walls are fixed and reinforced so that any intruder is not going to have an easy time gaining access to your property. Be sure to check the UK law concerning fencing, as well as finding out what your neighbours are happy with.


“Beware of the Dog” Signpost


A clever trick is to use signage to your advantage — whether it’s telling the truth or not. It may not feel as reassuring as a high-security padlock, but a “beware of the dog” sign can be a huge deterrent to thieves. Dogs are thieves’ worst nightmare, but they are also an alarm system in themselves. Telling intruders that a dog is in the property is going to be an immediate no-no — and it is hardly a large cost!


beware of the dog sign on door


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