Keeping your windows and window furniture properly maintained is essential to avoiding damage. Cleaning, resealing and repainting are just a few ways of keeping your windows looking fresh. Here are a few of e-Hardware’s favourite tips to making your windows look — and act — like new.

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Cleaning your Windows and Window Furniture


Regular cleaning can help to prevent damage to your windows and window furniture. A quick wipe with a damp cloth will get rid of most of the dust and dirt on your vinyl window frames. For a more thorough clean, make up a simple cleaning solution with warm water and washing up liquid. If you have wooden frames, stick to a slightly damp cloth to avoid damaging the wood.


When cleaning your window furniture, a damp cloth should do the job. Polished chrome window catches may show up fingerprints, so a dry wipe is usually enough.


Cleaning the window pane requires a little more thought. If you don’t have any glass cleaning spray to hand, you can make up a solution yourself. Mix equal parts water and vinegar and use a spray bottle to evenly cover the window. Use a cloth to disperse the liquid, then buff with a microfiber cloth to remove any streaks. If the smell of vinegar is a little strong, be sure to open the window!


Sealing your Windows


Poorly sealed windows can negatively affect your home’s insulation. Drafts and leaks can enter through broken or missing seals, so it’s best to address this problem immediately. You can get a professional to do this, but doing it yourself is always more satisfying.


Replace any worn rubber seals right away. For a more thorough job, consider inserting canned spray foam beneath the window trim. This will prevent water and air coming through, making your home warmer and drier throughout the winter.


Re-painting your Frames


A fresh layer of paint can transform your windows and make your window furniture stand out even more. If your windows are a few years old, they might just need a touch-up. If you fancy a bigger change, you could opt for a new colour entirely.


To get started, remove any window furniture and put it in a safe place. Be careful not to lose your shiny new window catches! Use masking tape to cover any nearby areas that you are not painting, and put a sheet on the floor to avoid drips. The painting process is different for vinyl and wooden window frames, but in both cases you’ll need to clean the area before painting it. Be careful not to paint over moving parts, because this can cause the window to become seized.


Fixing Squeaky Window Furniture


Squeaky window catches and other window furniture can be annoying. Thankfully, the solution is probably lying in a drawer or cupboard in your home. A quick squirt of water-dispensing lubricant (such as WD-40) and wiping away any excess liquid should solve the problem. Open and close your window catches to let the liquid work its way in.


If you don’t have a ready-made solution, a team from Philadelphia’s Drexel University found that a combination of 90% vegetable oil and 10% acetone works just as well as WD40. Acetone is commonly used as a nail polish remover, so there’s a chance you’ve already got some lying around.


Inspecting your Windows and Window Furniture for Damage


Regularly inspecting for damage and wear makes it easier to address problems with your windows and window furniture. A quick check every couple of weeks, as well as a clean, will ensure you keep on top of your window maintenance.


Getting into a maintenance routine is essential for prolonging your windows and window furniture. As well as aesthetic improvements, a few minutes of attention every month can improve the functionality of your window furniture.


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