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Jigtech - Smart Door Handle Fitting System

Jigtech is set to transform the door handle and latch fitting world, with the innovative system reducing fitting time from over 25 minutes as standard to under 5 minutes, a reduction, and saving of 80% in time, benefiting both contractors and fitters alike with increased efficiency for both resulting in cost savings and increased earning potential respectively. The system uses a specially design system of a Jig, Door Furniture, latch, a spacer that links the latch and handles together and compatible keeps. The process of fitting couldn't be simpler, measure once for where you want to fit the handle and the rest is all done for you.


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Jigtech - Unique Jig Concept

The Jigtech concept reduces fitting time and improves efficiency and accuracy by changing the way fitters install door furniture and latches. The system is based around a unique jig, which clamps to the door, auto aligning the drill holes on both the door face and the edge. Hole saws are used to accurately bore the door, in preparation for the installation of the specially designed latches and door furniture. The Jigtech Pro Installation Kit is a premium quality product. Supplied in a robust carry case, containing the full range including: the jig, holesaws and arbors, spade bit and unique latch tappers and keep locators.

Jigtech Pro Jig Diagram with Descriptions of Component Parts


Jigtech - Smart Latches & Locks

Jigtech round latches are tapped into the door, connecting with the door furniture via a special plastic spacer. This new concept eradicates wood screws, providing a self aligning secure bolt fixing. The full range of latches and bolts are supplied with a Jigtech spacer in attractive visual packaging. A comprehensive array of finishes are available in smart and rectangular forends, both mechanical and soft strike magnetic function can be specified. All latches are available in push button privacy function, for use with Jigtech privacy cover roses. Every smart latch is supplied with both round and rectangular strike plates and tidies.

Jigtech Smart Tubular Latches Passage Latch Privacy Latch Magnetic Latch and Bathroom Bolt

Passage Latch

Suitable for standard passage doors, the fast fit Jigtech latch is supplied with both rectangular and round keeps for use on new or existing frames.

Privacy Latch

An ideal alternative to a bathroom lock, push button privacy is quick to install. Emergency unlocking through the external rose operating a concealed push button. When using the privacy latch you will need to purchase the push button privacy door handle rose covers which incorporat a small hole for the push button

Magnetic Latch

Introducing the Jigtech soft strike magnetic latch range. Featuring soft buffered closing and concealed dead bolts, magnetic latches are available in both passage and privacy. Magnetic smart latches are supplied with buffered round and rectangular strike plates and tidies as standard. Magnetic smart latches are also supplied with frame buffers and drill bits for soft close frame contact.

Bathroom Bolt

If you prefer a more traditional privacy solution the bathroom bolts can be fitted below the door handle and the Jigtech fast fit bathroom turn and release sets can be fitted using the same jigtech process of installation.


Jigtech - Door Handles

High quality contemporary lever designs mounted on Jigtech fast fit roses. Factory assembled with spindle and rose already fitted for quick installation, the Jigtech door furniture is available in contract and premium quality and in a variety of modern finishes. Jigtech door handles are manufactured on a dedicated production line. Each set is supplied with one lever pre fixed with the spindle and rose, with the sleeve fittings already installed. The spindle is marked and suitable for 35mm-44mm door thicknesses without the need for adjustment. The handles are secured together with the two machine screws provided. Finally the rose and cover are fitted and fixed with the grub screws provided.

No spindle cutting required
Bolt through fitting as standard
No wood screws required
100% accurate
Can be converted to privacy function with accessory roses

Jigtech Door Handles Solar, Harrier, Condor and Sabre Levers

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